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Our beautiful, organic, postpartum support tea has been specially formulated by Naturopath & Herbalist Kate with the new mum in mind. Designed to support not only lactation, but also mood, birth recovery, baby's digestion, nutrient repletion and so much more - this hug in a mug is a must have for every new mum. Not to be consumed during pregnancy.


  • Alfalfa - to support lactation, nourish the blood and tonify digestion
  • Blessed Thistle - to support lactation, promote tissue repair and restore the nervous system
  • Caraway - to reduce colic (when consumed by mum and transferred via breastmilk), support lactation and improve digestion
  • Chamomile - to calm the mind, reduce cramping, supports digestion
  • Fenugreek - to promote lactation, support digestion and improve vitality
  • Lemongrass - to nourish the blood, calm the mind and support lactation
  • Marshmallow - to moisten the digestive system, promote lactation, and reduce inflammation
  • Nettle - to support lactation, nourish the blood and strengthen connective tissue
  • Raspberry Leaf - to support lactation, tonify the reproductive system and reduce postpartum bleeding
  • Rosehip - to support the immune system, reduce inflammation and encourage tissue repair
  • Vervain - to support mood, promote lactation and reduce colic (when consumed by mum and transferred via breastmilk)


Place 1-2 tsp in a teapot or strainer. Pour over boiling water, cover and allow to steep for 5-10 minutes (the longer it steeps the more active constituents will be extracted into the tea, but the taste will become slightly more bitter).

Strain tea and serve with a small amount of honey, a squeeze of lemon, or just as it is. Consume 3-4 cups daily or as often as required. Can be consumed hot or cold.


Taste: fruity/citrus with a subtle earthy, herbal undertone. Will become bitter if brewed for a long time.

Product Questions

Not at this stage. Our menu is predominantly free from gluten (with the inclusion of some gluten tested oats), dairy (with the inclusion of some ghee), and soy). The vegan pack is entirely gluten free, soy free and vegan, and the meat back is gluten and soy free with some bone broth and ghee.

We hope that structuring it this way will cover off most intolerances, but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we will do our best to accomodate if possible.

We have a number of suppliers that we work with and try to use organic and local ingredients where possible. You can read more about our food philosophy and suppliers HERE.

Absolutely not. You can order no matter if you have just had a baby, had a baby 5, 10 or 50 years ago, don't have children, or some other variation of this! Anyone is welcome to order our meals and products and we think they can (and should!) be enjoyed by everyone.

Shipping Questions

Our meal packages can be delivered to Newcastle, Central Coast, Port Stephens, Maitland and other areas of the Hunter region. You can check whether we deliver your postcode HERE.

Our other items can be posted Australia wide.

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