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Hi! I'm Kate

Naturopath & Nutritionist

In no particular order… a naturopath, nutritionist, mum, wife, crazy cat lady, passionate health detective, speaker, educator and committed to supporting the health and well-being of children and their families in every way possible.

For me, Holism is a means to connect with people through not only one-on-one consultations, but also a variety of resources, courses and products to support and empower health on all levels.

Through my years of clinical practice I have come to cement the knowing that health isn’t just about what we put into our bodies, but also how we think, how we move, how we feel, and the things we surround ourselves with in our environment.

I truly believe that children are our future… not just because they quite literally are our next generation, but because they come with so much wisdom, so many lessons to teach, so much motivation and when you cherish and admire them they can spark incredible change within families and a ripple effect beyond.

Through this love of children, as well as my own health journey with endometriosis I’ve solidified that my passion and zone of genius as a clinician is specifically in the areas of women’s health, children’s health, conception planning and pregnancy, fertility and infertility, as well as conscious parenting and generally supporting families to thrive, connect and LOVE their journey together.

While I’m heavily rooted in and in awe of the traditions of plant and holistic medicine, I’m also incredibly inquisitive and determined to get to the root cause of issues for my patients so also employ functional medicine and evidence based treatments alongside more traditional and holistic therapies.

I’m thrilled to be able to curate a space where you can confidently access the tools that YOU need to support yourself and your loved ones and I look forward to nurturing you and your family with the same care, passion and expertise that I do for my own.


Hi, I’m Mike!

Nutritionist & Cook

Firstly, thanks for stopping by! It has been quite a journey through various roles to land here and I’m so glad to be in a position to create Holism Health co. with my wife Kate. 

Since my first day working at the local pub at 18, I have worked in many different hospitality venues learning loads along the way. I have a strong passion for customer service and a deep love for cooking that rubbed off on me growing up in a household full of amazing food (thanks mum!).

Eventually my passion for cooking turned into a love for the medicinal benefits of food and its innate connection with our health & vitality. I decided to study Nutritional Medicine in my early twenties and began to integrate all that I learnt into my cooking style. Although self taught in the kitchen, I have had the opportunity to learn some skills from the amazing chefs I worked with over the years and now I'm absolutely stoked to be putting them to work for you, our customers.

For me, Holism Health co. is a way to provide true nourishment on all levels and invite others to feel their absolute best. We are not designed with flaws and our bodies know how to heal when we provide them the tools to do so. I may have first learnt that in a textbook, but I've felt it personally and am honoured to co-create a service that will allow others to reap the same benefits. 

There is nothing quite like the feeling of whipping up a beautiful meal for someone and experiencing their gratitude while knowing that it is nurturing their body and tasting delicious too! - That is the motivation that drove me to where I am today, and I couldn’t be happier about it!