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the food

Our meals have been created with the new mother in mind - and while there is specific thought around their requirements from a western naturopathic nutrition, as well as TCM and Ayurvedic point of view - at the core they are just yummy, nourishing whole food meals that anyone can enjoy!

Absolutely not. You can order no matter if you have just had a baby, had a baby 5, 10 or 50 years ago, don't have children, or some other variation of this! Anyone is welcome to order our meals and we think they can be enjoyed by everyone.

Absolutely, they are fine to be enjoyed by anyone - breastfeeding or not, and certainly aren't strong enough to INDUCE lactation. We would encourage caution if you are navigating an oversupply or are weaning for any reason, but otherwise enjoy!

Our meals are based around a wholefood naturopathic nutrition approach, incorporating elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. You can read more about our philopshy HERE.

We have a number of suppliers that we work with and try to use organic and local ingredients where possible. You can read more about our food philosophy and suppliers HERE.

Not at this stage. Our menu is predominantly free from gluten (with the inclusion of some gluten tested oats), dairy (with the inclusion of some ghee), and animal foods (with the inclusion of some bone broth). We are hoping we can cater more specifically in the coming weeks so please feel free to contact us and we can let you know how we are tracking :)

Mike is our head chef and is personally preparing all of your food in our commercial kitchen (lovingly called "pink walls" by Jude because the walls are... you guessed it HOT PINK! - it used to be a fairy floss shop) at 2/61 Robert Street, Wallsend.

Firstly, because we think they are delicious! In all seriousness, there are two main reasons.

1. When we surveyed our community of mums to find out what the number one most appreciated gift was postpartum it was unanimous that FOOD was the way to go - except for one lovely mumma who most appreciated the bell she received so she could ring for her husband to make her food when she needed! haha - genius!

2. The early postpartum period or fourth trimester is a time for mums to rest. This precious time has traditionally been honoured in other cultures, but many of those practices and traditions have been lost in modern life. Our meals allow mums to rest and know they will be nourished and nurtured while they nourish and nurture their new baby. We truly believe that when mum is thriving the family can thrive, and food is such an integral part of this.


You sure can, just add each week you would like to receive to your shopping cart and we will take care of the rest - or you can order 4 weeks at once at a discounted price HERE.

You can enter a gift message in the box on the cart page, and we will hand write this on a card to include with your order. If you please enter the recipients details in the "shipping" section and your own details in the "billing" section we will take care of the rest!

Orders must be placed by 3pm on Sunday for delivery the following week.


We deliver to Newcastle, Central Coast, Port Stephens, Maitland and other areas of the Hunter region. You can check whether we deliver your postcode HERE.

We currently deliver on Thursdays, but this will be shifting to Wednesday from July.

Our delivery fee is based on location, but we have tried to make it free to as many areas as possible. You can view the three delivery tiers HERE.

Our delivery run starts early, so depending on your location you may even have your order at your door before baby wakes! Most people will receive their orders before 7am, but if you live further away from Newcastle it could be a little later.