Naturopathic Clinic

As a Naturopath and Nutritionist I (Kate) use holistic principles of healing combined with modern science and functional testing to address all areas of life, not just your physical symptoms. In your initial consultation I will comprehensively review all of the body systems, as well as your health and family history, emotional, mental and social factors. That means we will dive into things like:

  • The foods that you’re eating  why are you feeling bloated, sluggish or confused when any food touches your lips
  • The quality of your sleep – why do you always remember those urgent tasks as you start to fall asleep?
  • The way that you cope with stress – why do you feel overwhelmed, anxious or “over it”
  • The things you may have tried before but didn’t seem to “fix” your health…

Together, we will discuss your goals and needs, and tailor a program that is individually designed to fit within your schedule. I can prescribe supplements (both nutritional and herbal), or we can just talk food (I LOVE experimenting in the kitchen, but keep in mind there are some conditions you can’t eat your way out of initially).

When you work with me, I’ll become your own personal health cheerleader. I’ll support and encourage you, and teach you to implement techniques in ways that work for you.

What do I need from you? A commitment to put YOU first. A burning desire to make changes in your life, and an understanding that without YOU, your other goals – be it work, family, or fitness – cannot be achieved. It is time to make a change…

Click HERE to schedule your initial consultation.

I work with all health and wellness issues, but my specific areas of passion are:

  • Babies and children – including healthy lunch box ideas, skin conditions and behavioural disorders
  • Pre-conception and fertility – both male and female partners
  • Women’s health and hormones – endometriosis, PCOS, coming off the oral contraceptive pill, thyroid health
  • Pregnancy, birth & beyond – guidance around testing, navigating morning sickness and other symptoms, labour prep, breastfeeding and postpartum support

There are many ways you can work with me – one on one in my clinic or virtually, through my comprehensive health programs (coming soon!) and events. Want to know more? I’d love to hear from you so drop me a line -

Your Investment:

  • Initial Consultation ADULT (60 minutes) – $220
  • Initial Consultation CHILD (60 minutes) – $190
  • First Follow Up (45 minutes) – $155
  • Subsequent visits (30 minutes) $115