pregnancy & preconception care

Kate is incredibly passionate about working with children to give them the BEST experience of life and health possible. So why not start the work before they are even born! Through diligent and holistic preconception care you can establish a healthy blueprint for your future children and reduce the risk of common childhood complaints or more serious diseases.

Furthermore, a healthy body prior to conception will make for an easier and more enjoyable pregnancy (for both partners!), and sets you up for already ingrained healthy habits to pass on to your children.

Once you’re pregnant (congratulations!), your body changes significantly and while this is incredibly exciting, it can also be overwhelming and new health symptoms may pop up – morning sickness, fatigue, blood sugar issues, thyroid issues, constipation, thrush, heartburn etc.

Kate can guide you through each stage of your pregnancy and monitor your changes and unique symptoms, as well as providing appropriate dietary and supplemental advice. She also can aid in supporting your labour as well as the journey beyond birth.