What's Involved

Baby Bowie
and now your precious baby is here…

We invest so much time, money and energy into supporting ourselves through pregnancy. We set up the nursery, organise the tiny cute outfits. We make a list of names, we may take some birthing classes and have a maternity photoshoot. Labour starts… baby arrives… and then what?

You have heard the saying:

“everyone wants to hold the baby, but who holds the mother?”

In this precious time, while you nurture your new baby, who will nurture you? In Western society we are recognising more and more that we have lost the “village”. Mothers are becoming more depleted, less nourished and feeling more disconnected from themselves and their community. We accept that “this is just part of motherhood”, but in our eyes (and clinical experience!) nothing could be further from the truth.

let us be your village.

We are parents and practitioners, and in this sacred time we want to nourish you, so that you can nurture your baby.

Our whole food meals are freshly prepared and designed with the new mother in mind. Guided by principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, the meals will help to support healing, replenish vitality, encourage breastfeeding and bonding, and importantly… enliven your tastebuds!

what is included?

Our postpartum meal delivery packages include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks + a therapeutic milk elixir designed to nourish one mumma for 5 days (or 4 x 5 days if you opt for the 4 week package). All meals arrive fresh, and have been thoughtfully curated with western naturopathic, traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic principles in mind.

Ingredients are sourced locally and organic where possible, and our packaging has been consciously chosen to minimise our environmental footprint and support other conscious businesses.

Delivery is available to Newcastle NSW, Central Coast and surrounds - please EMAIL US to confirm if your suburb is available.