Paediatric Constipation Webinar Replay - what to do when your bub won't poo

Paediatric Constipation Webinar Replay - what to do when your bub won't poo

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Is your little one struggling with constipation? Have you been told that it is normal for a baby to have a bowel motion only once every 2 weeks - yet you can see them struggling, grunting or generally feeling uncomfortable? Are you noticing any other abnormal signs such as mucous or blood in the stool, eczema or general unsettledness? Confused by it all? This webinar is for you!

Join Kate Holm, mum of 2 and paediatric naturopath and nutritionist as she unravels some of the common drivers behind paediatric constipation, what is normal, what is not and how you can support your babe gently to achieve better digestive health. This webinar is aimed at mum's with babies in the first 2 years of life, but many of the learnings can also be applied to older children (or ourselves!)

This is a prerecorded webinar replay.

*** Please note that this webinar is not a substitute for medical advice and an individualised plan is always recommended. Please ensure you speak with your healthcare provider before implementing any changes to your diet or lifestyle and note that all recommendations are only general in nature ***

After purchasing you will be directed to a download which will contain details of how to access the webinar.

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